Let’s Celebrate 50 Years!

Since 1972, we've been providing safe havens and opportunities to grow and thrive to youth experiencing homelessness and youth and families in crisis. You've stood with us. Now join us in celebrating this milestone by visiting our Celebrating 50 Years page.

Residential Support

Our residential programs provide housing, counseling, and life skills support for teenagers experiencing crisis and young people experiencing homelessness, including pregnant and parenting young women and their children.

Community-Based Support

Our community-based programs provide after-school homework help, life skills support, and safe havens for 2nd-12th graders in vulnerable communities, as well as drop-in support for their families.


2S 50th Anniversary 50 Years

Celebrating 50 Years

It all started in the early 1970s when community members began noticing increasing numbers of young people running away from their homes. The teens were looking for help. At that moment in 1972, we stepped in to help. 50 Years later, we’re still here, offering safe havens and opportunities to youth and their families experiencing crisis.


Yvonne’s Second Story

Often, we meet a young person like Yvonne after a setback causes a ripple event and ultimately leads to a different and more dangerous path. By stepping in at these critical turning points, we can provide much-needed support so all the young people in our community have the chance to overcome setbacks and grow and thrive.



Kelsey’s story has some of the lowest lows we’ve heard yet as well as one of the most relatable closings. We hear her story, and we also talk about what goes unnoticed and unsaid about youth in crisis.

Open Door

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